Some places just have that certain something. The French have a phrase for it: ‘zat certain sumsing!’ Quirky spots you stumble upon and tell stories about. Lesser known marvels like bonkers bars, rickety restaurants or curious museums where the curator’s cats run wild. It’s not about price or prestige, no, no. It’s all charm and character. Places with personality. That’s a GLP, my friend. Come in and explore, then go out and explore.

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  1. In London:

    What's on this weekend?
    1 comment

    "What cool things are there to do in London in the day on Saturday?" Read more

  2. In London:

    Somerstown Coffee House

    "They are such a gem - they do British Tapas!" Read more

  3. In Anywhere else:

    Nottingham, England
    1 comment

    "What kind of place? Bars? Eateries? Things to do? I lived there for ten years and know some great little places..."" Read more

  4. In London:

    Place to eat near Euston
    1 comment

    "Hi All,
    Coming down to see Book of Mormon next week and looking for somewhere between Prince of Wales Theatre and Euston station to eat whilst we're there.
    Does anyone have any reasonably priced suggestions? (No Indian restaurants please!)" Read more

  5. In London:

    Pindock Mews, W9

    "Traditional London Mews, little gem." Read more

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