Some places just have that certain something. The French have a phrase for it: ‘zat certain sumsing!’ Quirky spots you stumble upon and tell stories about. Lesser known marvels like bonkers bars, rickety restaurants or curious museums where the curator’s cats run wild. It’s not about price or prestige, no, no. It’s all charm and character. Places with personality. That’s a GLP, my friend. Come in and explore, then go out and explore.

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  • London's Top Ten Tea Rooms


    For when nothing but the finest leafy brew will do - the best places for a cup of tea in London.

  • Road to Nowhere

    Road to Nowhere hosted a special weekend reunion of the Labyrinth stage of Secret Garden Party at Night Tales

  • Kurobuta

    A Japanese pop up concept restaurant from ex Nobu chef Scott Hallsworth

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  1. In London:

    Art and Grub
    1 comment

    "For the first time in many years (small children in the way of life!) my wife and I are coming to the big smoke and we are looking for galleries that show more contemporary pieces (almost illustrative), like Freeze art fair if anyone know of that! Any suggestions would be great appreciated.

    We also want to stop for afternoon tea ideally somewhere that plays good music and again any tips would be fantastic.

    Many thanks in advance - James" Read more

  2. In London:

    umbrella repair
    1 comment

    "Hello everybody!
    I was wondering if anyone knows a place in London where I could get my umbrella fixed. Does still exist such a good place in London?
    Thank you all!" Read more

  3. In London:

    Pre-theatre dinner, Royal Albert Hall, Kensington
    1 comment


    Could anybody recommend a place to go for dinner before heading on to see Cirque du Soleil at the RAH?

    Would be extremely grateful for any suggestions!

    Emiley" Read more

  4. In London:

    Christmas tree

    "Christmas starts with the lighting of the Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square. Carols are sung, the same story of the tree, the friendship between Norway and the UK told. Happy crowds then dinner. Lovely!" Read more

  5. In London:

    New Years Eve
    1 comment

    "Hi everyone, I wanted to get some advice from everyone about new years eve. I havent been in London that long and I am still very much a tourist. My brother and his girlfriend are coming to visit me and experience new years in London and I have no idea what to do. Every time I try and research online its all clubs and expensive boat trips to see the fireworks etc... All im looking for is a pub that we can a few drinks in and also see some fireworks that wont cost me £150. They dont even need to be the central London fireworks. Im open to suggestions all around London. I Just want them to have a good new years so any suggestions would be appreciates. Thanks "" Read more

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